Property maintenance is an important part of owning a home. In the spring, trees and shrubs need to be trimmed, mulch and gravel should be put down, and winter debris should be removed. In the fall, leaves need to be removed and property should be prepared for winter.

Property maintenance can help keep a property looking good and can also help prevent damage from happening. It’s important to have a plan for regular property maintenance so that everything gets done on time.

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  • Spring clean up

  • Tree Delivery and Planting

  • Tree trimming and debris removal

  • Shrub and bush trimming

  • Mulch delivery and installation

  • Gravel and rocks delivery and installation

  • Fall clean up- leaf removal

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Spring clean up

Springtime is upon us and with the change in season comes a change in routine. That means it’s time to clean up the property from all of the leaves, branches, and other debris winter left behind. Not only is this necessary to keep your home or business looking its best, but it’s also an important safety precaution.

This includes tidying up outdoor areas, like the garden. However, before you can start planting new flowers and vegetables, you first need to get rid of any debris that has built up over the winter. One way to do this is by removing any spent annuals from your garden bed. Unlike perennials, annuals die at the end of the growing season and they can often leave a lot of dead leaves and stems behind. Tilling the soil is a great way to prepare the soil for new plants to be planted.


Tree Delivery and Planting

Everyone wants a beautiful home, but not everyone realizes the importance of adding trees to their landscape. Trees are more than just pretty additions to your yard; they provide shade in the summer and protection from the wind in the winter. They also help to clean the air by removing pollutants and CO2. And if that’s not enough, trees also produce oxygen! So, why not add a couple of trees to your yard this spring?


Tree trimming

Homeowners often face the common dilemma of when to trim tree branches growing near their home. If not trimmed properly, overgrown branches can cause a host of problems, including damaging roofs, walls, and electrical wires. In addition, overgrown trees can also be a safety hazard, especially in the event of a storm. So when is the best time to trim tree branches near your home?

In the spring, when the trees are waking up from their winter slumber; and in the fall, when they’re preparing for winter.


Shrub and bush trimming

Properly trimmed bushes and shrubs can really make a property look good. But it’s not just about appearances; bush and shrub trimming also has practical benefits. Trimming helps plants to grow better, improves air circulation, and allows for better inspection and maintenance of plants.


Mulch delivery and installation

As the weather starts to change, most people are focused on getting their yards ready for the spring. One way to make your yard look great is by adding fresh mulch. Mulch comes in many different colors, so you can choose one that will match the rest of your yard. Mulch also has other benefits, such as keeping weeds away and helping the soil retain moisture.


Gravel and rocks delivery and installation

Adding gravel and rocks to your landscaping can have many benefits. Not only does it add drainage, but it can also make your property look great. There are many different colors and sizes of gravel and rocks to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your property.


Fall clean up- leaf removal

Fall is the time of year to take care of leaves on your property. There are many benefits to leaf removal. Not only does removing leaves help improve the lawn’s health by allowing sunlight and moisture to reach the soil, but it also makes your yard look nicer. Removing leaves also helps prevent accidents caused by slippery leaves in the winter.